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Sewing Fiesta

Table runner with fringes

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A linen table runner featuring fringes in a diverse array of colors provides a versatile and lively addition to your table setting, perfect for matching various occasions and styles.

 Available colors: 

Light Grey - 3L185D-106 S8
Light Pale Pink - 3L165D-1493 HA
Baby Pink - 3L185D-173 S8
Wet Sand - 3L185D-821 S8
Purple - 3L185D-723 S8
Dark Pale Pink - 3L185D-625 S8
Natural Linen - 3L185D-598 S8
Dark Purple - 3L185D-1311 HA
Coral - 3L185D-2638 HA
Dark Brown - 3L185D-2840 HA
Violet - 3L185D-408 HA
Bright Pink - 3L185D-990 S8
Light Mustard - 3L185D-706 HA
Lavender - 3L185D-219 S8
Orange - 3L185D-1270 HA
Salmon - 3L185D-1419 HA
Dark Violet - 3L185D-1755 S8
Red - 3L185D-1427 S8
Yellow - 3L185D-1138 S8
Juicy Plum - 3L185D-1387 HA
Dark Red - 3L185D-1200 HA
Ocean Blue - 3L185D-831 S8
Aqua Blue - 3L185D-700 S8
Light Green-Blue - 3L185D-2365 HA
Pastel Green - 3L185D-2937 HA
Baby Blue - 3L185D-552 S8
Light Green - 3L185D-1467HA
Ashes - 3L185D-2865HA
Blue - 3L185D-757 S8
Aquamarine - 3L185D-1525 S8
Navy Blue - 3L185D-1367HA
Teal - 3L185D-1388 S8
Pale Lilac - 3L185D-199 S8
Dark Grey - 3L185D-360 S8
Grey Berry - 3L185D-1625 S8
Grey Moss - 3L185D-594 S8
Night Blue - 3L185D-999 S8
Moss - 3L185D-372 S8
Khaki - 3L185D-271 S8
Black - 3L185D-147 S8
Royal pear - 3L185D-2472HA
Seaweed - 3L185D-1507HA

* Please note that actual colors may vary due to your computer resolution and monitor color restrictions.


100% Linen (185 - 205 g/m2 ) washed, softened

Shipping & Returns

Delivery to European countries: 5 - 10 working days; America, Canada, Australia: 10 - 21 days

Care Instructions

1. Linen fabrics should be washed in a separate load from other types of fabrics.
2. You may have some linen pilling after first 2-3 linen fabric washings.
3. When using a washing machine, keep the water temperature 40°C. If you wash linen in too hot temperature it can shrink and the color of linen fabric will fade faster.
4. Washing machine should work with no more than 75 % loading.
5. You may have some extra shrinkage after tumbler drying.
6. Do not bleach.