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Linen Christmas Napkins with Elegant Embroidery

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Transform your holiday dining experience with our Linen Napkins in two delightful colors, embroidered with Christmas motifs. These exquisite napkins are designed to elevate your festive table decor, adding a touch of charm to your gatherings.

Our skilled artisans have embroidered Christmas trees, reindeer, sparkling stars, and delicate snowflakes onto these napkins. The attention to detail in every stitch brings these beloved holiday symbols to life, creating a captivating tableau that will delight your family and guests.

Whether you're hosting a grand holiday feast or an intimate family dinner, these Linen Napkins with Christmas-themed embroidery will infuse your dining space with the magic of the season. Embrace the festive spirit, create lasting memories, and make your holiday celebrations truly special with these charming, two-toned napkins.

Available size:
35 cm x 35 cm (14" x 14")

Available options:
navy blue with snowflake embroidery
navy blue with reindeer embroidery
navy blue with Christmas tree embroidery
navy blue with stars embroidery

* Please note that actual colors may vary due to your computer resolution and monitor color restrictions


100% Linen, 175 g/m2

Shipping & Returns

Delivery to European countries: 5 - 10 working days; America, Canada, Australia: 10 - 21 days

Care Instructions

Care guide:
1. Linen fabrics should be washed in a separate load from other types of fabrics.
2. You may have some linen pilling after first 2-3 linen fabric washings.
3. When using a washing machine, keep the water temperature 40°C. If you wash linen in too hot temperature it can shrink and the color of linen fabric will fade faster.
4. Washing machine should work with no more than 75 % loading.
5. You may have some extra shrinkage after tumbler drying.
6. Do not bleach.